What has happened so far?

What has happened so far?

The organisations within Surrey Heartlands came together for three initial planning workshops in April and May.  Local health and care staff were also joined by a number of public representatives, Surrey Healthwatch and members of the voluntary sector.  Discussions focused on six key clinical areas:

  • Urgent and emergency care
  • Mental health
  • Women and children’s services
  • Cardiovascular services
  • Musculoskeletal services
  • Cancer

These discussions, building on what local people have already told us about how these services are provided, have helped to inform a draft plan. These initial ideas are part of discussions with NHS England and other national regulators and the first draft plan was submitted at the end of June. 

Our draft plan includes four key themes:

  • Creation of a Surrey Heartlands clinical academy so clinicians can work together and agree common standards so all local residents have access to the same high quality standards of care
  • To promote self-care and encourage and support residents to take more responsibility for their own healthcare
  • To improve the way we provide services – with more care in the community, and single centres for some of the most specialist hospital services (creating expertise and improving outcomes)
  • Working as one – moving towards one budget and one overall plan for the Surrey Heartlands area

We are in the early stages of our thinking and are working closely with clinicians and wider staff to start developing a more detailed joint plan for the next five years.  No firm plans have yet been agreed. This autumn we are starting wider engagement with local residents, building on previous work we have been doing with patients and stakeholders, and will continue to engage with local people and a range of stakeholders as these plans develop. 

This whole process is about improving care for local residents, giving patients equal access to the best care and treatments across the Surrey Heartlands area and supporting people to take more responsibility for their own health. 

Our draft plan is summarised here.