The Big Picture

The Big Picture

NHS England

Clinical Commissioning Groups are allocated their resources by NHS England, an independent organisation established in October 2012 to improve health outcomes by providing national leadership, overseeing the operation of CCGs, and by directly commissioning some services.

CCGs buy most of the healthcare in their areas except for specialised services (such as those for cancer and military injuries) and "primary care" (from GPs, pharmacies, and dental practices, for instance), which are commissioned by NHS England.

Surrey County Council

County councils are responsible for "public health" in their areas, helping people to avoid getting ill by encouraging healthy living and preventing the spread of viruses, for instance, and their Health and Wellbeing Boards talk to the public, CCGs and other public services, to identify and meet regional health and care needs.

Regulatory authorities

Our providers are regulated by the Care Quality Commission, who inspect what they do, and make sure quality and safety standards are met.

CCGs are not subject to regulation by external bodies such as the CQC, but are licensed by NHS England, who are able to require CCGs to comply with a number of conditions and directions. Surrey Downs CCG is currently subject to directions, focusing on four key areas of work. These have been issued to support the CCG with our financial recovery plan to achieve a financial balance in 2016/17. These directions are available on the NHS England website here. Directions are regularly reviewed to enable a CCG to exit them as soon as possible, with an effective improvement plan in place.

The CCG can be subject to non-sector regulation by bodies such as the Health and Safety Executive, The Information Commissioner’s Office, and the Equality and Human Rights Commission. Surrey Downs CCG is not subject to any investigations or regulatory notices at this time.