Keep warm, keep well

Keep warm, keep well

In response to Met Office cold weather warnings across the country, NHS Surrey Downs Clinical Commissioning Group is encouraging everyone to be prepared so they can keep warm and well.

Cold weather can trigger long-term health conditions such as asthma. Sufferers are advised to take preventative actions, including:

  • Carrying their reliever inhaler at all times and to continue taking their regular preventer inhaler as prescribed by a doctor.
  • Keep warm and dry – wear gloves, a scarf and a hat, and carry an umbrella.
  • Wrap a scarf loosely over the nose and mouth to help warm up the air before it is breathed in.
  • Breathe through the nose instead of the mouth, as another way to warm the air as it is inhaled.

Other general tips for staying well this winter include:

  • Keep warm with layered clothing instead of one chunky layer.
  • Keep a well-stocked medicine cabinet.
  • Talk to a local pharmacist about cough or cold symptoms and minor conditions.
  • Getting a free flu vaccination if eligible (people who are over 65, pregnant women, children aged 2-3, children aged four-eight, people with long-term conditions, people with learning disabilities and carers).
  • Check on older family, friends and neighbours, particularly those with long-term health conditions, or who are more vulnerable. Offer to get their shopping or pick up prescriptions if needed.