Surrey's Clinical Commissioning Groups, in partnership with Surrey County Council, have invested in Telehealth to help patients with long-term conditions which have resulted in frequent trips to their GP or hospital.

The service allows patients to live more independently at home, by using health monitoring devices. This can include equipment to measure your blood pressure, blood glucose levels or your weight. You’re taught how to do the tests on yourself and the measurements are automatically transmitted to a doctor or nurse, who can then see the information without you having to leave home. They will tell you about any concerns they may have.

Telehealth services can give you and your relatives peace of mind that you're safe in your own home and that your health is stable, without you having to make regular visits to your doctor’s surgery or hospital.

For more information about your local Telehealth service please click here or, to read about how it has helped one local patient, click here.

If if sounds like telehealth could help you manage your health through better understanding of your condition, please get in touch with your GP.