Appreciative patients receive their Covid vaccination at Epsom Racecourse


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Appreciative patients Paul and Valerie Gallard are amongst thousands of patients who have received their Covid vaccination at Epsom Racecourse recently.

 Paul, 75, who is in the clinically extremely vulnerable group received a text from his GP, was keen to be vaccinated as soon as possible.

 Paul’s wife, Valerie, 74, has also received her first jab. She said: “It was so quick to get booked in, from a text on Sunday to the actual appointment on Tuesday; very easy and efficient.

“We were so lucky to get our vaccinations so quickly. It was a fantastically organised process from start to finish. From driving into the car park and being directed to exactly where we needed to be, to leaving after the vaccine; it was so easy.

“When we first went into the site Paul was checked in and a very experienced Nurse Practitioner clearly explained the procedure, so we knew exactly what was going to happen. Full marks to the nurse who vaccinated Paul, he didn’t have any bruising whatsoever, and he said the injection was painless.  Also we are both pleased to report that we didn’t experience any side effects from the vaccine.

“We feel so proud that in less than a year we have this vaccine, how amazing is that?

“From start to finish getting our vaccination was so easy, very well organised, a very calm atmosphere and professional caring staff. We are grateful that we have been able to get this amazing vaccination.  We were a card giving details of our jab and told that we would be contacted by the GP hub for an appointment for the second one.  Thank you to everyone from the development scientists to everyone who was involved in helping the NHS deliver this massive vaccination programme.”

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