Is a fear of needles preventing you from getting your Covid vaccination?


COVID-19 vaccines give you the best protection against COVID-19, but for some people injections can be difficult.

Vaccinations can be a very anxious or distressing experience for people with a fear of needles.

Needle phobia is a fear of medical procedures that involve needles or injections. It is very common, affecting at least one in 10 people, and is nothing to be ashamed of. Fortunately, simple exercises and practice can help to overcome it.

Many patients with needle phobia may have had a lot of blood tests or procedures as a child. A fear of needles and injections often, but not always, results from bad memories of needles earlier in life.

For many people, fear of needles is linked to fainting or feeling faint. When the fear is triggered (for example by seeing blood, or thinking about an injection), heart rate and blood pressure increase (as with other kinds of fears), but then rapidly drop. It is this fall in blood pressure that can cause fainting.

Many people do not confront their fear because they are embarrassed. Other people do not feel faint or actually faint, but do feel panicky when their fear is triggered. Don’t worry, staff looking after you will not be annoyed or think you are a wimp when you tell them – they would like to know so that they can help to make it easier for you.

Visit our Overcoming your needle phobia (fear of needles) page to find out some useful tips that can help you. Additionally, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Vaccination Programme section has lots of information about the programme in Surrey Heartlands.



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