Islamic health professionals encourage Muslims to have vaccine

Islamic scholars and health professionals encourage Muslims to have Covid vaccine in Ramadan

Ramadan is due to start on the evening of Monday 12 April 2021 and Islamic scholars and NHS leaders are urging Muslim residents not to delay having their Covid-19 vaccine – first or second dose – during the holy month.

The religious guidance from Islamic scholars and the British Islamic Medical Association backs having the vaccine in Ramadan and stresses that having the vaccine does not invalidate the fast. We’re urging all partners to help us by sharing some key resources.

  • Statement about Covid-19 not invalidating the fast
  • Infographic confirming there is no pork or animal ingredients in the vaccines
  • Myths answered in different languages including Arabic and Urdu

Locally our successful pop-up vaccination service at the Shah Jahan mosque in Woking continues this month with regular Sunday sessions. The service offers booked appointments and our local teams are contacting eligible patients.



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