People with learning disabilities are a priority for Covid vaccine in Surrey


People with learning disabilities are a priority for Covid vaccine in Surrey.


People with learning disabilities are one of the vulnerable groups that have been targeted to get the Covid-19 Vaccine in Surrey.

Evidence has shown that this group of people are more vulnerable than the general population when it comes to Covid-19  nd are therefore a priority group which need the vaccination as quickly as possible. Surrey Heartlands have prioritised all people with a learning disability for the vaccine.

Shaunna who attends Post 19 had her vaccine last Saturday. She said: “I was very easy, we went in and the lady was very nice. She stayed with me for the whole thing. It didn't hurt at all; my arm did ache a bit until Sunday night but it was ok on Monday. I am glad I had it. I feel a bit safer”.

Residents and staff from The Grange Centre for People with Disabilities in Bookham have also been impressed with speed they received the jab and the organisation and adjustments made for people with learning disabilities at the vaccination centres.

Eloise Appleby Chief Executive Officer at The Grange said: “I want to say a big thank you following a truly successful weekend of vaccinations for our supported living service.  It not only ran to time, but ran ahead of time.

“The people we support were so joyful when they had been to get their vaccination, it really was a major milestone for our organisation.

Diane Mccormack Clinical lead for Learning disabilities and Autism at NHS Surrey Heartlands Clinical Commissioning Group said: “It is essential that people with learning disabilities have the same access to services as other priority groups and we are making as many reasonable adjustments  as we can to ensure they can access  to the vaccine as quickly as possible and  be offered it in environments   that enables them to be supported  .

“We have been working hard as a health and care system to identify people with learning disabilities to ensure they get their Covid vaccination as soon as possible. We want the environment at the vaccination centres to be friendly, calm and welcoming and will be putting things in place such as texting people when it is their turn for the vaccination so they don’t have to sit in a waiting room, ensuring it is quieter and calmer for people with learning disabilities; we want it to be a positive experience for them. We are also working with partners to offer vaccines in the community with our roving vaccinators and specialist teams.

“Working with organisations such as The Grange Centre for People with Disabilities helps us to understand what people want and what makes it a better experience. Their feedback from staff and their residents has been fantastic and our aim is to get as many people vaccinated as quickly as possible to reduce the risk of them getting Covid-19”.

Tom, supported by The Grange said: “I was surprised but very pleased to hear that I was going to get the vaccine sooner than I thought. It gave me more hope that the light is emerging at the end of the tunnel even more.

“Although I was expecting side effects, which did happen, I am still pleased that I got the jab as I now know that I have got some protection from the virus. Whenever I hear of anyone getting the vaccine it always gives me a sense of hope.

“The process at Epsom Racecourse seemed very well laid out and organised. The jab was very quick just like the flu jab. I was impressed”.

Jess, supported by The Grange said: “I felt excited and relieved when I heard on Friday that I was going to be vaccinated. It went very smoothly on the day. It was very quick. I was in and out like a yoyo! The nurse was kind and gentle and gave me a lot of advice”.





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